Web design trends 2019

Web design trends that make an impact in 2019

Web Design Trends? What are they? In this article we are going to cover what we consider to be some of the best web design trends of 2019. Some have been coming into sight over the past 2 years and are now common place. Others are just starting to pop up and are making a huge impact on website conversion rate and overall page ranking in Google!

Do you know how long 50 milliseconds is? Fifty milliseconds are exactly of .05 of a second. Why should that number be important to you? It’s meaningful because that’s how long your website will have to make an impression on a potential client who visits your landing page.

As fast as it takes for your website to get a client to stay and continue browsing or make a purchase, that’s is how fast web development and design changes are effected year after year. Each year some web design trends will shift in slight way and some changes will simply stay forever.

If you’re a website designer or someone looking to have a website developed by a company, it’s important for you to stay on top of the latest web design trends year after year. If you don’t you run the risk of creating or paying for a website that will appear out of date or that lack the functionality that’s necessary to provide a rich and engaging user experience.


People have a short attention span online and expect quick results. They want websites that load quickly and without any problems. Surveys conducted by Google indicate that internet users expect websites to load within three to four seconds. If sites takes longer than that, users are more likely to turn towards the competition.

Users who hit the back button and leave are not only dissatisfied with your site’s user experience but also with the quality of results Google provides, and that’s something the company wants to avoid.

Flat Design

With page load speed being being extremely important now more than ever, flat or minimalist web designs will continue to dominate the web throughout 2019 and beyond.

Flat design embraces simplicity, eliminating time-consuming visual tasks such as creating and integrating background textures and highly detailed images and animations into web pages. Additionally, by emphasizing simple, straightforward design interfaces, flat designs are also easier optimize across devices, from desktops to mobile phone, potentially increasing the speed to launch.

Mobile-First Website Design

In order to improve the experience for the majority of its users (mobile users), Google has been changing the way it indexes websites over the past 2 years, shifting from desktop to mobile versions of the site.

In other words, instead of referencing content from the desktop version of the site and indexing that copy for search engines, Google will begin to look at the content you have on the mobile version first and foremost. Remember we are an instant gratification society. We need things NOW AND FAST!

In general, creating a site that is responsive is a better approach than trying to make two versions for desktop and mobile.

Asymmetrical Web Designs

One of the largest change in 2017 and 2018 was the introduction of asymmetrical and unconventional ‘broken’ layouts and designs, and this web trend is continuing strong right through 2018 and is still going strong in 2019. The appeal of the asymmetrical layout is that it is unique, distinct and even experimental.

Although major brands with a lot of content still use traditional grid-based structures, Wee expect an increase in the use of unconventional layouts across the web, as brands create unique experiences to set themselves apart. Traditional businesses generally might not be interested in this aesthetic design trend, but bigger brands that can afford to be risky will expect out-of-the-box ideas from their web design company.

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