SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research for SEO

It all begins when someone types a few words into a search engine.

There are people searching Google for what you offer every day. But, it’s going to be impossible for your website to get in front of these people if you don’t rank for the right keywords. This is why we see the foundation of a great SEO campaign being the keyword research. Using some of the best tools in the industry to conduct our research, we compile keywords and long-tailed phrases that best relate to your industry and business. We then analyze data regarding our selected search terms and create a strategy for your website. We look at metrics such as frequency, search volume both locally and nationally, brand name prevalence, competitive analysis, and current rank within the top SERPs.

Ranking for relevant keywords can have a huge impact on your website. Through our research, we not only learn which terms and phrases to target for your campaign, but also learn more about your customers and industry as a whole.

Because it’s not just about driving more traffic to your website, its about driving the right kind of traffic to your website.

What’s in a Keyword?

  • Relevancy

  • Local and Global Search Volume

  • Competition

  • Trends

  • Geo-Specific

  • New Opportunities

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