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Anchor Your eCommerce Store Offer for Easy Comparison

Often times you try to shop on Amazon or another related eCommerce store and see something like this:

Ecommerce site

To the untrained eye, there’s nothing special about the above-mentioned listing. However, take a look at the “List Price” and the “Price” and you’ll notice a major difference — including a “list price” creates the feeling that you’re getting a deal because the main price is automatically anchored to it. What’s also surprising is that the very same game console that costs $99.90 on (Yes, it’s cheaper!), yet research points to the fact that the Amazon listing is likely to result in more sales. Why is that? Because they are using Anchoring!

Often times, when we want to make a decision for a purchase, we try to look for a reference point — an anchor — that we can use to judge our purchase decision. In this case, by showing potential buyers a list price of “$400.00” and an actual price of “$99.90,” people feel that they are getting a discount and will rush to buy — but the truth is, the product is much cheaper on another website. By introducing the “list price” option, Amazon is making it the “anchor” instead of having people anchor the product based on the price of their competitors.

Anchoring is a very powerful sales technique, and if used correctly, it can powerfully boost your eCommerce store sales in no time.

Use Popular Security and Trust Seals

Often, the decision for potential buyers to buy from you has nothing to do with the quality of your products or the persuasiveness of your eCommerce store web design. It’s a trust issue, and this often poses a huge problem compared to other known issues.

If people don’t trust your product or brand, they’re never going to buy from your business. There’s nothing you can do about that.

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy/Toluna, 48 percent of people are wary of performing online transactions on sites without a valid trust seal. This makes perfect sense, especially when you take into consideration how often major websites are hacked these days.

If you have no recognized trust seal on your website, add one and you’ll notice a dramatic increase in your sales.

Besides using a trust seal on your eCommerce store website, you can also make people trust you more by using testimonials and reviews, featuring customer reviews (both positive and negative), having an about page, and having your phone number displayed prominently on your eCommerce store.

Start a Professional Web Design Blog

Our web development company actively involved in the Website Setup project, where we teach people how to set up a blog (for good reasons!), so we can’t resist including this. And this is for two important key reasons:

  1. 99 percent of people won’t buy on their first visit to your online eCommerce site. Blogging serves as a means to educate, inform, and keep your products in the mind of people who choose not to buy right away.
  2. Businesses that blog generate 67 percent more leads than businesses that do not blog. They also experience better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They also have a better bonding with users and are able to more easily inform users about the benefit of their services or products offered — all these contribute to more leads and sales.

If you don’t have a blog for your eCommerce store or business website yet, starting one will most certainly boost sales. However, your approach needs to be somewhat different from the traditional “blogging” approach. Here are some tips:

  • Capitalize on product reviews: due to a blog’s ability to rank in the search engines, creating product reviews and publishing them on your blog will ensure higher rankings for your product reviews overall, eventually generating more leads and sales.
  • Do comparisons: Do you have an eCommerce store that sells computers? If yes, a simple overview of “Apple vs Mac computers” on your eCommerce site or blog can be a great sales driver. People will tend to refer to these comparisons more often than not, and it will also rank in search engines quickly. By linking to the products, you compare in your eCommerce store, you’re more likely to experience a sales boost.
  • Publish more content: Research and statistics show that businesses who publish 18 or more blog posts monthly get the most results from their efforts — in fact, they get 3.5 times more traffic, and as a result, a lot more sales and transactions than businesses who publish less than four blog posts on a monthly basis. As an e-commerce store owner, the volume of content published could be one of your biggest sales assets.

Limit Choices To Specific Products

As an online store with hundreds or even thousands of products, it sounds like the best thing to do is promote relevant products to people at every stage of the buying process.

However, research shows that this isn’t as effective as you may think. In a study conducted at an upscale supermarket, psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper found that limiting choices displayed to potential buyers from 24 varieties of items to just six varieties were able to boost sales by up to 10 times.

If you have a store with many different varieties of products, where it is virtually impossible to limit choices, you can still capitalize on the fact that limited a variety of choices boost sales by doing the following:

  • Feature your most popular products: What are the five most purchased products in a particular category on your eCommerce store? Display these products in a special section and make it easy for users to see them;
  • instead of being confused with the possibility of thousands of products, they easily see what resonates with other buyers.
  • Feature products with the highest reviews: By featuring products with the highest reviews, you let users decide. Even if there are a thousand products in a particular category, reviews show potential buyers which one’s other purchasers liked best. This allows you to use a combo of social proof and limited options (in terms of what other people think is best) to increase sales.

Showcase your top picks: Sometimes, maybe you feel certain products will do better than others due to some other information you may have. Display these products in a special section for every category; include no more than three to six products as featured picks.


There are many ways to increase your eCommerce store sales – whether it is through the right use of color to communicate a message about your product or by using seals of trust to get more people to buy from your store. Hopefully, the above tips help you boost all your eCommerce sales.

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