eCommerce Website Platforms

The Magento eCommerce Platform

Owned by eBay, Magento is arguably the web’s most used eCommerce platform. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 eCommerce websites are built with one of Magento’s products.

Magento Community Edition (CE)

An open-source solution that is perfect for a business that wants to build a custom and unique eCommerce solution on a proven, flexible platform. Features and functionality can be added with extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace.

Magento Enterprise

For large stores that need and can afford the paid support. Additional marketing features not included with Magento Go or the Community Edition. The price starts at around 14k per year so obviously it is not a solution for small start-up stores or for low volume sites.

The Shopify eCommerce Platform

The Shopify platform is a hosted solution. Aside from Magento Go, it is the only hosted solution that we recommend and work with. Shopify provides the essential features needed to start selling online. The Digital Agenda is an official Shopify expert and can provide you with all the necessary services to get your store up and running successfully. Shopify offers a free trial so we encourage you to give it a go. Should you decide that you need assistance or a professional to help you navigate the Shopify eCommerce water we can help.

The WordPress Platform for eCommerce

WordPress is a full-blown content management system (CMS) with almost unlimited eCommerce scalability. It provides a very flexible platform on which an eCommerce site can easily grow. It integrates with a plethora of tools (“plugins”) which can be leveraged to scale and grow your eCommerce store. There is a global developer community making continuous improvement and updates to the platform in a constant effort to improve functionality and tighten security. Best of all, WordPress is open-source, giving The Digital Agenda more power to create the best possible eCommerce eco-system for your project.

Responsive Design

We optimize your store’s design and content so that it is optimized and displays across all devices.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your website with social media to help users engage and share your content and products with a larger network.

3rd Party API Integration

We integrate your store with 3rd party API’s such as UPS, FedEx, Dropshippers, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and more.

Training and Support

We provide the necessary training to fully manage your eCommerce store and the ongoing support you need after launch.

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